10 Lines on Pollution

10 Lines on Pollution

10 Lines on Pollution

1. Pollution is the presence of harmful and injurious substances in our environment. It is the undesirable changes in the natural environment.

2. This environmental pollution leaves greatly affects the quality of life for humans, animals, and plants.

3. The major cause of environmental pollution is industrialization and modernization.

4. Industries release harmful gases into the atmosphere which causes air pollution.

5. Air pollution is very harmful to human health and it is also the destruction of the ozone layers in the atmosphere.

6. Water pollution is not good for aquatic life. The oil spill is a major cause of water pollution which is not good for marine life.

7. Soil pollution is also very harmful because it destroys the ph level of soil and that is not good for growing healthy plants.

8. Noise pollution is harmful to the environment and sometimes it’s difficult to overcome it.

9. We should reduce this environmental pollution by planting trees and also by using reuse, reduce and recycle method.

10. It is our responsibility to save our environment from getting polluted.

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