10 Lines on My Mother

10 Lines on My Mother

10 Lines on My Mother

1. My mother is a superwoman. She is an important and special person in my life.

2. She is very hardworking and caring. She takes care of every member of our family.

3. Her every work, determination, devotion, dedication is an inspiration for me. She is very special to me. I respect her and love her a lot.

4. My mother gets up early than others and goes to bed lost of everyone. My mother is the manager of our family. She manages each and everything in our family.

5. In every step of my life, she always supported and encouraged me.

6. She cooks very delicious foods for us.

7. She is very intelligent. My father seeks her advice because she is very excellent in making a good decision. She also helps us in doing our homework.

8. She gives us everything but never demands anything in return. We can never forget her sacrifices and services.

9. She is wonderful, great loving and very kind. Everyone loves her in my family.

10. My mother is my first and best teacher for me. I love my mother so much and I hope she lives a long and healthy life.