10 Lines on Patriotism

10 Lines on Patriotism

10 Lines on Patriotism or National Pride

1. Patriotism or National Pride means a feeling of devotion, loyalty, and love for the motherland.

2. It is an inner feeling of a person that makes him give sacrifice for his country.

3. This feeling is different from each person to person and this feeling brings people closer.

4. Patriotism is an emotion that inspires a man to do great deeds in the world.

5. It is an important factor for the country’s success in peace and war because, if people have a love for their country so they work hard for the development and also protect their country from enemies.

6. True patriots are the strength of any nation.

7. Major Aziz Bhatti and Rashid Minhas laid down their lives while fighting for Pakistan and their names are written in golden words in the history of Pakistan.

8. A patriotic citizen works honestly and sincerely.

9. The true patriot also respects other countries.

10. Being patriotic it’s our duty to fulfill our responsibility in a suitable manner.

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