What is a Controller in Accounting

What is a Controller in Accounting

What is a Controller in Accounting

A controller in accounting is the chief accounting officer and oversees the whole accounting department. If you are pursuing a degree in accounting or want to become a Certified Public Accountant, it is important for you to understand the many upper-level and executive-level roles available so that you may prepare for your professional future.

What is the Controller’s Role?

The controller who supervises the accounting department is in charge of monitoring all accounting operations inside the business.

The controller will be responsible for drafting financial statements, updating the general ledger, processing cost accounting paperwork, completing payroll, processing accounts payable and receivable, budgeting expenses, staying compliant with tax laws, and analyzing financial data, among other things.

Aside from directing all of these tasks, the controller will work with management in other departments to understand management accounting data and identify areas where the organization may save money.

Who is the Controller Responsible For?

Well, the controller is in charge of all accounting department tasks, they are also in charge of staff and will oversee or assign them to execute particular projects.

Accounting managers, cost accounting managers, accounts payable managers, credit analysts, payroll managers, and accounting clerks are some of the professionals in the department that will seek advice from the controller.

As the top accounting officer, the controller reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer and will carry out responsibilities delegated by the CFO.

Types of Controllers

Controllers are classified into several types:

  • Business controllers and corporate controllers are the most common, as they oversee a whole accounting system for their company.
  • A controller may be seen in a smaller firm putting up the accounting infrastructure and handling bookkeeping, but larger organizations utilize controllers more in the function of supervision management.
  • Other controllers (also known as comptrollers) may work for the government and are treated similarly to business controllers for their particular agency.

Accountant Vs Controller: What’s the Difference?

Most people are aware of what an accountant performs and the position they play within a business when it comes to finances. People are less certain about what a financial controller (sometimes known as a comptroller) is. The primary distinction is that accountants often become controllers.

An accountant, or someone in charge of accounting activities for a corporation, records and analyzes financial data. The controller is in charge of all accounting activities, including staff management. Controllers are often employed by accounting firms, but bigger corporations may recruit them in-house.

If you started your career as an accountant but want to move into more of a financial management job, becoming a Controller is a good option.

CFO Vs Controller: What’s the Difference?

A controller is in charge of the accounting department and ensures its correctness and punctuality. The controller manages the preparation of financial reports, prepares tax, payroll, and debt payments, and ensures the organization is in conformity with government reporting requirements.

A CFO is responsible for a company’s long-term strategy. The CFO offers executive financial insight and skills to guarantee that the organization’s goals and long-term financial performance are met.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a controller, the first step is to educate yourself. To go from staff accountant to controller, you must be analytical, accurate, and well organized.

The first stage will be to acquire a degree in financial or management accounting, which will provide you with skills for complying with legislation and doing financial reporting.

After earning your degree, you will need to work to get industry experience in order to be considered for a position as an accounting controller.

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