Errors in the Use of Superlative Degree

Superlative Degree (Introduction) Errors in the use of Superlative Degree

Superlative Degree(Introduction) Errors in the Use of Superlative Degree 

1. Superlative degree has the following characteristics:

  1. Degree must not be doubled.
  2. The’ must be used before a superlative degree.
  3. Of’ is generally used after a degree.
  4. The comparison is done with three or more persons or things. 


1. This road is the most shortest of all. (Incorrect)

This road is the shortest of all. (Correct) 

2. Iron is the more useful than all metals. (Incorrect)

Iron is the most useful than all metals. (Correct)

3. This was unkindest cut of all. (Incorrect)

This was the unkindest cut of all. (Correct)

2. When two adjectives refer to the same noun and one of them is in the superlative degree, the other adjective should also be in the superlative degree. 


He is the strongest and hardworking boy in the class.(Incorrect)

He is the strongest and most hardworking boy in the class. (Correct)

No Superlative Degree Please

3. The superlative degree must not be used as if it were equivalent to the positive degree preceded by ‘very’. 


1. He wrote the best book. (Incorrect)

He wrote a very good  book. (Correct)

2. He is the worst scholar. (Incorrect)

He is a very bad scholar. (Correct)

3. You have a clearest style of writing. (Incorrect)

You have a very clear style of writing. (Correct)

4. The superlative degree with ‘most’ is sometimes used when there is no idea of comparison, but merely desire to indicate quality in a very high degree. 


  1. He is most unfortunate. 
  2. This is a most wonderful sight. 
  3. It was a most eloquent speech. 
  4. This novel is a best seller. 

Such use as this is known as superlative of Eminence or absolute superlative. In such cases ‘the’ is not used with a superlative degree.  

5. Do not use superlative degree with the following words. 

Perfect, Complete, Unique, Universal, Ideal, Exemplary, Circular, Round, World, Excellent, Chief, Extreme.  


1.This is most perfect method. (Incorrect)

This is the perfect method. (Correct)

2. She has the most unique memory. (Incorrect)

She has a unique memory. (Correct)

3. He dreamed of the most ideal society. (Incorrect)

He dreamed of the ideal society. (Correct)

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