10 Lines on Good Manners

10 Lines on Good Manners

10 Lines on Good Manners

1. Our parents, teacher, and elders taught us Good Manners. It is the way of behaving with others.

2. Manners make a man gentleman without manner man is nothing.

3. Good manners are very important to generate a livable and healthy society.

4. Being respectful to the elders and showing the loveliness to the children is a good manner.

5. A good manner is to accept your mistake and also it will change the situation in your favor.

6. Being polite and soft with your colleagues and help out in difficult situations is a good manner.

7. You should always cover your mouth while yawning and sneezing.

8. Always say thank you when you received something and not hesitate to say sorry.

9. Always ask for permission to use and touch other’s things.

10. Good manners are needed everywhere, whether you are in the office, school, college, train, bus, hotel, playground or at home. Always behave properly and show good manners to others.

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