10 Lines on My Teacher

10 Lines on My Teacher

10 Lines on My Teacher

1. There are many teachers in our schools. They are all capable and qualified. They all adore us, but Mr Saleem is my favourite. He teaches us history.

2. Mr Saleem is a tall and powerful young man. He has a well-built physique, and his appearance is a blessing.

3. He is the most gifted teacher I have ever known. He is a gem for students. His educational background is B.Com B.ED.

4. He makes the lecture very interesting, but he is not pleased until all of the students in his class understand the lesson.

5. He wants to see us working hard. He exercises strict discipline in the classroom, adores his students, and has a special affinity for poor boys.

6. He has good habits and a pleasant attitude. We never saw any frowns on his forehead.

7. He is a good athlete who participates in school sports. His appearance on the school playground serves as an example to us.

8. He is the president of a school debating society; he is a good public speaker. He trains the boys for the literature contest every year.

9. He is the most famous teacher in the school; all of the teachers look up to him, and the principal has a lot of trust in him.

10. He is known as the greatest teacher for these and several other reasons.

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