10 Lines on Environment

10 Lines on Environment

10 Lines on Environment

1. A clean environment is essential for the survival of all living things.

2. People should pass legislation to reduce waste in the environment.

3. The government should enact laws that limit practices that have a negative impact on the climate.

4. One of the most effective means of spreading environmental awareness and value is through the use of electronic media.

5. Some legislation should be implemented to discourage the use of plastic. In such a case, we can be able to save the environment.

6. Items that can be recycled should be used. All should also encourage them to do the same.

7. In addition, we must encourage the use of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar energy.

8. Everyone should prioritize environmental protection.

9. All should depend on public transportation. We must reduce our reliance on personal cars as much as possible.

10. Natural pesticides and fertilizers are very beneficial to environmental protection.

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