10 Lines on Importance of Cleanliness

10 Lines on Importance of Cleanliness

10 Lines on Importance of Cleanliness

1. The absence of filth, dust and a condition of perfect hygiene define cleanliness.

2. Survival needs a clean and pure atmosphere.

3. The majority of illnesses and outbreaks are caused by unsanitary circumstances and hygiene aids in avoiding these circumstances.

4. Apart from the health benefits, cleanliness also shows a civilized human being’s appearance.

5. A clean body and surroundings aid in the formation of pure ideas and give mental tranquility.

6. Cleanliness reflects your good character and has a favorable influence on others’ thoughts.

7. Personal hygiene, grooming, and clean clothing all contribute to a person’s overall personality.

8. A clean environment is vital for a healthy ecology, and it should not be restricted to one’s own house or surroundings.

9. A clean household leads to a clean society, which in turn leads to a clean and developed country.

10. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) described hygiene as “half of faith” in one of his hadees.

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