10 Lines on Health is Wealth

10 Lines on Health is Wealth

10 Lines on Health is Wealth

1. Health is more valuable than everything else in our lives.

2. A healthy body is one that is in good physical, social, and mental health.

3. It is important to sustain a stable and disciplined lifestyle because happiness and success are impossible to achieve without good health.

4. Good health brings happiness to our life.

5. A good man does not need to spend his money on medications.

6. A man with poor health must spend more money to improve his condition.

7. A physically inactive person faces plenty of issues in both their personal and professional lives.

8. Daily exercise is important for good health.

9. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is highly beneficial to our well-being.

10. To be truly wealthy, we must avoid unhygienic and junk food also maintains our health to be a wealthy person in real meaning.

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